Traceability & Post delivery support

STH Unique Values

# Enterprise Business Requirements STH Solution and Services Manufacturing Retail Traceability and Post Delivery Support
1 GMP, ISO 2200, HACCP, FSAAI and other Certifications for promotion of Company and Product Promotions in the Market STH – TraceQR, STH – Certifcations
2 Root Cause Analysis of Problems detected in Products Backward Traceability of Products
3 Find Impacted Manufactured or derived Products from Defective Input Materials or Parts and reduce the cost of Re-call Forward Traceability of Products
4 Original Product Authentication to To Protect and Increase Market Share of Original Products CryptoQR Apps
5 Customer Service thru Mobile App Customer Service App for Problem Reporting and Resolution

Traceability and Post Delivery Customer Support Solutions

Traceability and Post Delivery support solutions