E-Invoice + E-Way Bill in Dynamics Nav/BC

GST E Invoicing + E way Bill Built into Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC

How E invoicing effects you

Tax compliance remains top of mind issue of CXO’s

Current business scenario

  • Organization has B2B Invoicing
  • Has volume Invoicing not feasible to use offline mechanism
  • Mandatory from 1st Oct 2020 500 crore and above
  • Mandatory from 1st Jan 2021 100 crore and above
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 IN / BC for accounting Sales transactions

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Features of autoTax 365

GST Filing and Reconciliation out of ERP NAV 2016/ BC

  • Realtime integration while document posting
  • E Invoice generation for all applicable documents e g Sales Invoice, debit note, Credit memo and transfers for B 2 B, B 2 G, Export
  • As soon as the Sales invoice is posted, a request is automatically sent, as JASON, from NAV to IRP for IRN and QR code generation
  • On a Successful Response, a message will be generated and the IRN and QR code information shall get captured along with the posted documents and can be printed in the document like Invoice, Credit Memo
  • In case of a failure or response, the error message shall be displayed and the user can retry from the posted Document
  • System maintains a error log along with complete Audit Trail of all the requests and response for E Invoice generation
  • Solution is developed with collaboration with Masters India

Scope of Deliverables

  • IRP / GSP integration (API Integration with JSON file)
  • Update IRN number and QR code string in Dynamic NAV through integration
  • Decode QR code string (Provided by IRP) to print QR code on the invoice along with IRN number
  • Changes in Invoice format to print QC code and IRN number (Total 3 document reports will be in scope)
  • Validation prior posting for mandatory e invoice information

List of activities to be carried out in the implementation

  • Client to share administrative access to their development environment for deployment of the extension
  • Configure standard autoTax 365 setup information for E invoicing
  • Train the user with the key functionalities of generating E invoice
  • Share a list of information required to generate a successful E invoice mandatory fields
  • Information about HSN/SAC code Pin Codes UOM and other details