About STH

STH Background

Arrival of cloud based business aggregator platforms have disrupted Business and IT Paradigms for the Enterprises particularly ERP Systems.

STH Value Proposition

We believe Enterprises have to Transform their Business and IT platforms by extending and enhancing them to establish direct connect with the customers, and provide life cycle support of the products and services with Safe, Secured means of to trace back and to the sources of all inputs and then trace forward from sources to end products to win the confidence and trust of the customers for the products and services provided.

STH Differentiators

  • Innovative solutions and services to enterprises to add value to all stakeholders in the value chain.
  • Founded by the IT Professionals with Bilingual  (Japanese and English) Consulting, Business Development, Mission Critical IT Projects delivery experience for Japanese Customers Globally.
  • Empower Global Enterprises with IT Solutions and Services for Speedy Delivery of Product and Services to the Customers through out the Product Life Cycle.